A priceless Memory

{ Harish & Amulya }
Photographed by - 24Frames

Prince Jewellery – a renowned name in the Industry, is known for its finesse taste. Their quality of celebrating life extended into their family wedding gala too, which was nothing short of a spectacle. It’s been 5 years since we shot his brother Joseph’s wedding, and back again now, when we shot Prince’s, we couldn’t help but feel nostalgic about all the good memories we share. The same venue, Santhome church, and the same positive vibe filling the air, the Christian wedding was filled with family and tradition. The groom Antony had seen the bride Pooja only twice or thrice before the wedding. So after the gradual wait of time, when they finally got to hold hands for a long time, it felt like a full moon, the feeling of completeness.

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